The Western Australian Tractorpull Association. inc (Tractorpulling In WA since 1986)
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Contacts And FAQ’s

Q/ Where is the Racecourse?

A/ Avon Valley Speedway AKA Northam Motorsports Complex Fox road Burlong /Northam 

Northam District Hospital is just 8 min (7.2 km) via Mitchell Ave. Ambulance/s onsite during events

Click here for the  MAP

Q/ What time does it start?

A/ For start times see the Events page

Track is closed at 10:30pm

Q/ How much does it cost?

A/ Cost:  Adults $25


(Aged ID Shown) $15 Children (Under 16) $Free

Q/ Does the WATPA own Avon Valley Speedway?

No, the Avon Valley Speedway is independently owned and operated. More information please contact Tim Rodgers on 0481 518 777 A/H

The WAPTA members from season 2017 will hold competition based events under contract at this venue using 2 newly constructed parallel puller tracks

Q/ Event facilities?

A/ Convenient seating for around four hundred and plenty of standing room along the track so you may bring your deck chairs too. Some shaded car parking area.Ladies/Gents rest room amenities.


Q/ BYO Alcohol?

A/  AVS is an un-licensed venue


however you may bring any other food and beverages, we would prefer no glass at this venue.

Q/ What age can kids race in the dirt drags?

A/ From Jan 2017 the WATPA will longer manage or hold Sand-drag events in WA. see this link for details

Q/ What if it is raining?

A/ Unless it’s a flood we usually run rain, hail or shine. 

check the website for cancellations or 

Phone 0439 190 959

Q/ Food & Drink?

A/ Hot food & cool drinks are available onsite .

Q/ Contact Us

WATPA, PO Box 405

Maddington WA 6989

Club Phone 0439 190 959

FAX +61 8 9459 0882

Q/ Where can we stay?

see Northam tourist bureau

Q/ Where is Burlong?

A/ Burlong is a small division in the Shire of Northam located around an hours drive east from Perth via Great Eastern hwy.


Tractor Pulling is a relatively cheap motor sport event to participate in and we have many classes to suit your budget and abilities. If your’re interested in our event please contact us, you can become a volunteer or build a tractor to compete in…There’s plenty of ways to join in…


Contact Steve Hayes 

E-mail for inforamtion about joining in with the WATPA.

The venue is patrolled by security 

First Aid Post & Ambulance are available during the event.


Please remember when driving home that its

 ” Better to be late than DEAD on time”

 Drive Carefully on WA Country Roads.. Drop 5 ‘n stay alive….

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