The Western Australian Tractorpull Association. inc (Tractorpulling In WA since 1986)
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Tractorpull History


The tractors are divided into classes and comply with either ‘Limited’ or ‘Open’ rules. The classes are Open Modified, Super Modified, Limited Modified, Open Mini Modified, Super Mini Modified & Limited Mini Modified, Pro Stock (diesel) and Two Wheel Drive Trucks.

The distinction between classes is determined by the overall maximum weight, engine modifications, fuels and physical size. (All tractors are 2 WD)

Not satisfied with the power and noise generated by big engines like a Chevrolet 454 and 560 cubic inch motors, which may produce in excess of 1000 horse power, tractors pullers have devised methods of coupling two or even three of these engines together.

Others have gone for a more exotic flavour and sourced their power from… Continue reading

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